What is The Art of Neutrality™

The Art of Neutrality™ Program: Leading-edge awareness training to shift consciousness by applying principles and consciousness tools founded on Chinese and Western holistic practices. One key principle is shifting conscious awareness to "neutral." Mastery of this awareness process significantly enhances the quality of life in numerous areas: (1) natural health, healing, and regeneration, (2) physical and non-physical pain elimination, (3) human performance acceleration, (4) personal and professional mastery.

What is The Opening Heart program.

This program is both about self-inquiry and energy transmission to assist us in a journey of deep transformation and self-realization. Experience using the heart energy transmission for releasing unconscious conditioning relating to sufferings in life — the cause of both physical and non-physical well-being. Ancient Eastern healing teaches us how to use the heart to transform unconscious conditioning into wisdom to learn key life lessons. When we process through the heart, we naturally heal and also gain deep insight and intuition for solving complex life problems.

What is The Foundation of Life program.

The Foundations of Life is a 3-month program designed to support people of various needs — whether it is to heal a physical problem, resolve a difficult life circumstance, or simply to improve intuition. This energetics program synthesizes Chinese healing techniques, eastern principles, and divine energy transmissions. Through the 3-months, participants will be learning, healing, and processing unconscious conditioning. They will be learning skills and rebuilding energetic foundations for the rest of their lives.

Energy medicine videos

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